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Sun, Apr. 3rd, 2005, 09:55 am
Incidents of Religion in My Life

The Pope has died. Back in 1987, out of curiousity, I (and tens of thousands of others) gathered to see the Pope drive down Geary Street in San Francisco atop his Pope-mobile. I had been raised a Catholic, and had attended twelve years of Catholic schools in the Detroit area . . . .  my mother told me once that as a very small child, I had been blessed by the famous Cardinal Cushing of Boston.

The only other well known religious leader I have ever seen or been close to was the Dali Lama. While working as a journalist, I got to attend a press conference were the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet spoke. I was sitting in an assembled room of journalists, about six rows in from the head of the room where the Dali Lama sat. I thought he looked at me, or at least, had looked my way.